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VW Engines & Transmissions

VW Engines & Transmissions



Experience counts, we have been rebuilding Volkswagen engines and transmissions for thirty five years. We have extensive knowledge on all the techniques to ensure your rebuild lasts and runs as designed. From the early air cooled to late model TDI’s we can resolve your engine or transmission problem we are your VW engine and transmission supplier. If you send us your entire engine on the carbureted air cooled models, we will test fire it and make all the adjustments so all you have to do is install it or have us install it for you. If your clutch is slipping, we can replace it in one day.

Out of city or out of state, we can help with shipping. Send your motor or transmission and we will send it back ready to install.

VW Engines & Transmissions

Air cooled motors

included in our air cooled motors:

  • Align bore case, thrust cut if needed resize the center camshaft journal
  • regrind crankshaft if not with in specifications (8 doweling available)
  • regrind camshaft if not with in specifications (performance camshafts available)
  • replace main, rod and camshaft bearings
  • rebuild connecting rods
  • replace all gaskets and seals
  • replace piston rings and install a new piston set if not with in specifications
  • hone cylinders
  • install new lifters
  • install new oil pump
  • rebuild heads and set deck height with shims
  • new pushrod tubes
  • install new rear crankshaft seal


overland vw engine parts

Is your four cylinder engine tired, smokes and just does not have the power it used to have?

Instead of replacing the entire engine maybe a “ring and valve” is what you need to restore your power and fuel mileage. A ring and valve is substantially less expensive but in most cases is all you need. This type of repair is restricted to four cylinder over head cam motors where the oil pan can be removed in the car.